'Pretty Little Liars' spin-off 'Ravenswood' character details

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ravenswood-abc-family.jpgThere are some details available about three key "Ravenswood" characters, "Pretty Little Liars" fans. Let the speculation begin as to who should play them!

TV Line reports on three series regulars, who will debut during the "PLL" Halloween special, when "Ravenswood" is officially introduced as a spin-off (though there may be some hints and clues during "PLL's" summer season as well).

Miranda: A feisty, disarming and unconventionally attractive 17-year-old. As a fiercely independent foster kid, she has tons of confidence, but it was hard-won. She uses her wits to cover her emotional scars. If you can break through the tough exterior, you've got a fearless, loyal friend for life.

We feel we must add -- "Ravenswood" must have seen our dream casting, since this sounds just like who we envisioned for Miranda Cosgrove (and same name!).

Abel: This 17-year-old is a lone wolf and old soul with brooding intensity. He may have something dangerous lurking inside him -- or maybe he's just wounded and trying to hide it. His trust is hard to earn, but once you've got it, he'll never let you down.

This sounds like "Ravenswood's" version of Toby Cavanaugh, right? We aren't sure who we see in this role just yet. Any suggestions?

Olivia: Abel's twin sister is a former prom queen who is struggling with a recent fall from grace. She used to be a carefree, happy teenager, but recent events have her questioning what's important, what's not and who her real friends are now that they've suddenly turned their backs on her.

This sweetheart sounds like the Victoria Justice character from our casting. We would die if she was playing Olivia.

What do you think, "Ravenswood" fans?
Photo/Video credit: ABC Family