'Pretty Little Liars': Team Spoby or Team Wrencer - vote now!

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pretty-little-liars-wren-spencer-hot-water-2.jpgWe've got some new stills from "Pretty Little Liars." This batch is from "Hot Water," episode 3x20, and they're giving our little 'shipper heart some hope.

We know from the episode description that Spencer "finally finds someone to lean on." Our first instinct was that it's Dr. Sullivan, since we know she's returning soon. But now it appears that she's reconnecting with Wren ( Julian Morris). What do you think, fans? Are you Team Spoby and cursing this turn of events? Or are you Team Wrencer and this makes your little heart go pitty-pat?

We will confess to being Team Wrencer all the way. Don't hate. Just cast your vote in the poll below.

Meanwhile, Aria is having another face-to-face with Ezra's mom Dianne, which ought to be loads of fun for her. Dianne is such a delight.

And finally, Detective Wilden is hot on the Liars' tails after they find out some new information about him. Do you guys think he's Alison's baby-daddy?

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.
Photo/Video credit: ABC Family