'Pretty Little Liars' Troian Bellisario and 'Suits' Patrick J. Adams - most adorable couple ever?

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troian-bellisario-chess-patrick-adams.jpg "Pretty Little Liars" star Troian Bellisario and "Suits" star Patrick J. Adams while doing a play together in 2009 and then began dating in 2010 after he guest-starred on "PLL." And online, they're quickly becoming our favorite celebrity couple ever.

Above is Adams' Instagram of Bellisario captioned, "She's feeling regicidal today. #myqueenstolemyqueen," to which Troian responds, "#iwonthebattlelostthewar #checkmateinlife."

Below, Troian posted the picture of the "handbook" to her boyfriend, captioned, "Just a little light reading before bedtime." And below that, she puts up two selfies captioned, "@halfadams just stole this phone. #theftagram (left) ... The shot I was trying to take before @halfadams played me like a common fool."


patrick-adams-handbook-suits.jpg troian-bellisario-patrick-j-adams-selfies.jpg
Photo/Video credit: Instagram