'Pretty Little Liars' - 'Unbridled': Paige isn't out for revenge against Alison, she claims

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Check out these sneak peek clips from the next new episode of "Pretty Little Liars," titled "Unbridled," which features the Liars taking part in Mrs. DiLaurentis' bridal fashion show.

In the above clip, Spencer wanders through the woods in her bridal finery, seemingly chased by a nefarious character in a hoodie, then stumbling into ... what? The sound makes it seem like a bear trap, but we'll assume the show isn't going to amputate Spencer's foot.

Below, Emily confronts Paige about sending that note to the police regarding Alison being alive. Paige insists it's not about revenge, but Emily is having none of it.

The Emily-Paige-Alison dynamic has become really interesting on "Pretty Little Liars" this season, even with Alison and Paige not sharing any screentime -- which is a testament to all the actresses involved that it's this tension filled and they aren't even together. Fingers crossed for a scene between the three of them before the season ends, or perhaps in Season 5 this summer.

"Unbridled" airs Tuesday (March 11) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Photo/Video credit: ABC Family