Preview clips from the 'Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen'

Okay. Color us surprised. We're surprised because we expected NOT to be surprised. We figured the " Roast of Charlie Sheen" would be a somewhat sad way to capitalize on the wildfire popularity of Charlie Sheen's early summer implosion. So imagine our shock when these clips reinforced what has been happening in the media -- Charlie's apparent turn-around.

That's right. Mr. Tigerblood looks healthy, happy, in control, and (dare we say it) like he's winning. We must admit we had a hundy down on rehab. Way to prove us wrong, Charlie...

The clips feature the instantly infamous Charlie Sheen obituary from Seth MacFarlane ("Family Guy") and a real nasty zing from rising comic Anthony Jeselnik.

"The Roast of Charlie Sheen" airs on Monday, September 19 at 10/9c only on Comedy Central

Seth MacFarlane's "Charlie's Obituary":

Anthony Jeselnik:
Photo/Video credit: Hulu/Comedy Central/Getty Images