Princess Diana's memorial day: 14 years ago the world lost her

princess-diana-black-dress-getty.jpgAug. 31 marks the 14-year anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales' tragic death in a car crash in Paris at the age of 36. Prince William was only 15 and Prince Harry was not quite 13 years old when they lost their mother.

The accident also killed her companion Dodi Fayed, the heir to Harrod's, a chic London department store, and the driver of the car, Henri Paul. Photographers were chasing their car on motorcycles when the crash occurred, but Paul's intoxication and high rate of speed were later determined to be the primary cause of the accident. Diana and Dodi were also not wearing seat belts.

Princess Diana's funeral is estimated to have been watched by 2.5 billion people worldwide. We've included several pictures of here, including a 1995 trip to Calcutta, India where she met Mother Theresa and a lovely shot of the royal family.

RIP, Princess Diana.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images