'Project Runway': Grey pants are so in, but who's out?

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"Project Runway" is back!

This season starts off with 20 -- yes 20 -- designers being invited to New York. However, right off the bat four need to be eliminated based on their prior work.

"I was getting married in Iceland and we cancelled the wedding for me to do this," says one girl whose name they don't even bother to give. "Project Runway is going to happen this one time and I can fly to Iceland anytime."


Oh, girl, if we know our reality TV (and we do), you're already a goner. Don't make bold decisions that will come back and bite you in the tush.

Everyone seems pretty much neck and neck, with a few standouts. Alas, the judges must whittle the 20 down to 16.

Out are Icelandic wedding girl, whose name we finally learn is Serena da Coneicao, along with fellow aspiring designers David Chum, Gunner Deatherage, and Amanda Perna.

Bye. Sorry to have never known ya.

Now let the real games begin!

This week's challenge: "Come as you are." Contestants are pulled out of bed at 5 a.m. and instructed to only bring a bed sheet with them. These, along with the clothes on their backs are the only materials they have to make a whole new garment.

Oh the drama: As each designer struggles to create something mind-blowing with what little they have, Rafael refuses to give up his head scarf for material. Not because it has any sentimental value, but because his hair was a "hot mess" and he "didn't want to look homeless." This is about clothing, not hair. Step. It. Up.

Tim Gunn reprimands him for not maximizing his resources and informs him that he was almost in the bottom four.

Surprising everyone is former pageant queen, Anya. Not only did she learn to sew just for "Project Runway," but also she's decided to make pants for the first time. Bold move, but Tim loves it and so do we.


The Runway: Newsflash guys, grey pants are in this season!  They can be wide leg, tied dyed, unflattering leggings, or just falling off your body altogether. That's all these designers want to make.

Seriously. Grey.  Blah.

Bert steals the show with the dress he crafted out of his orange gingham boxers and army green t-shirt. Loves it!

Guest Judge of the Week: Christina Ricci and her new lips.

Top 3:  Burt, Anthony, Anya

Bottom 3: Rafael, Joshua C, Julie

Winner: Burt! You go, old man! Show the kids how it's done. 

Out: Rafael. You're so vain. Auf Wiedersehen.


Photo/Video credit: Lifetime