'Psych' - 'Someone's Got a Woody': 'Fargo's' Peter Stormare takes Woody hostage

Check out this sneak peek clip from Wednesday's (Jan. 29) new "Psych" episode, titled "Someone's Got a Woody."

In the clip, Cyrus Polk (guest star Peter Stormare, of "Fargo" fame) has taken coroner Woody Strode ( Kurt Fuller) hostage in the morgue, determined to prove that he did not kill Gaear Wilson -- which is a nice little nod to "Fargo."

Shawn and Gus, delivering Woody's asked-for cheese plate, are happy to oblige, not only because they like Woody but also because they haven't had a case in a while.

Meanwhile, upstairs at the Santa Barbara Police Department, Trout ( Anthony Michael Hall) is continuing his reign of terror. Will we finally see the end of the interim chief?

"Psych" airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.
Photo/Video credit: USA