'Psych' remake episode 'Cloudy ... With a Chance of Improvement' clip

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Check out the first footage of "Psych's" remake episode airing Wednesday (Jan. 22). The episode is called "Cloudy ... With a Chance of Improvement," a remake of the Season 1 episode "Cloudy ... With a Chance of Murder."

It's a delightful hour of TV for the "Psych"-Os. Ralph Macchio is guest starring after previously appearing on Season 5 episode "We'd Like to Thank the Academy" -- and he is not the only familiar "Psych" face you're going to see. It's almost like a game, picking out the other former guest stars, some of which are more obvious than others. Plus, Michael Weston reprises his role of Adam Hornstock, which is a lot of fun.

Below, check out the "Psych"-Outs from the most recent episode, "S.E.I.Z.E. the Day," with Dule Hill rapping Grandmaster Flash's "The Message." Hee!

And if you'd like to refresh your memory on "Cloudy ... With a Chance of Murder," you can watch the original version on USA's website.

"Psych" airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Photo/Video credit: USA