'Psych' Season 8: Marlowe and Lassiter have their baby in 'Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up'

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kristy-swanson-tim-omundson-psych-truck-things-up-baby.jpgOnce the beginning of "Psych's" final season dropped the bombshell that Det. Lassiter (now Chief Lassiter!) was going to be a father, we were hoping the season would get to the episode where the baby comes -- and it did, with "Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up."

In grand "Psych" tradition, the birth was hilariously absurd, with the gang careening through the streets of Santa Barbara in a food truck en route to the hospital with Henry delivering Marlowe's baby, Gus passed out from the sight and Shawn trying to be helpful but mostly just screaming a lot.

It's also perfect and adorable that Lassiter and Marlowe bought Henry's house and little Lily Nora is going to grow up in Shawn's room. Awww.

Best Lines:

Gus: "Do not go all Sean Penn in 'Mystic River' on me."

Shawn: "Seems like just yesterday."
Gus: "It was yesterday. The taco massage was yesterday."
Lassiter: "Please be finished."

Lassiter: "I've waged a war against the food truck industry for the last year and a half."
Gus: "Because the war on drugs, poverty and terror were too low-stakes for you?"

Gus: "But remember, the best lessons come from 'Rosemary's Baby.' If baby Lassiter comes out with Beelzebub eyes, think about what's best for the world."

Shawn: "With a little bit of branding, social media campaigns and some strategically-leaked nude photos, we can be celebrity food truck owners. Now c'mon, drop trou and take a quick selfie of your buns."
Gus: "What are you talking about, Shawn? I'm not doing that."
Shawn: "I'll just use the one I already have."

Gus: "We broke the first rule."
Shawn: "We got high on our own supply."

Gus: "It's sous chef, not shoe chef."
Shawn: "Any chance I've heard it both ways?"

Luther: "I'm a musical theatre major, you think I'm going to risk these jazz hands?"

Henry: "Are you crying?"
Shawn: "Yes, but not because of you. I think Marlowe's breaking all the tiny little bones in my hand."


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