'Psych: The Musical' in 30 GIFs, plus the best lines

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shawn-spencer-psych-the-musical.jpg "Psych: The Musical" premiered Sunday (Dec. 15) on USA and it packed everything a viewer could want into two hours -- action, adventure, murder, unrequited love, fight scenes, musical references and, of course, a pineapple.

All your "Psych" faves were on hand to lend their singing and dancing talent and we thought the best way to honor their efforts was in GIF form. So enjoy re-living the musical episode below.

But first, here are our favorite lines of the night:

Shawn: "I'd come clean if I only could. But I can't."
Gus: "You mean you won't."
Shawn: "It's the same."
Gus: "Not even close."
Shawn: "Just don't ask."
Gus: "I didn't ask."
Shawn: "It was implied."
Gus: "Define 'implied.'"

Shawn: "Gus, don't be the very model of a modern major general."

Yang: "Shawn, I say this from my heart when I tell you I'm so glad I did not detonate your mother."

Lassiter: "You two hit the theater, I'll take Mr. T and Crackerjacks back to the looney bin."

Audra: "Do you have a sec?"
Armitage: "Of course, Janet."
Audra: "Audra!"
Armitage: "Dammit."

Lassiter: "Strode, she's a killer."
Woody: "Agree to agree."

Shawn: "I'm Shawn Spencer and this is my partner, Gigi Van Tran."

Shawn: "She did kill her father for me, don't you forget that."
Henry: "You have some sick relationships, kid."

Shawn: "I lost a lot of oxygen because of you. And the only criminally insane friend I ever had."

And now, we present the "Psych: The Musical" GIFs.


pineapple.gif The best part about this scene is that while Shawn is singing, Gus is having a "Beat It" knife fight in the background.

psych-musical-2.gif We could watch Gus tap dance all day long, which is why you'll notice so many GIFs devoted to his dancing skillz. This Dule Hill character might have a real future in the biz.

Case in point, here's another one -- "It's a felonyyyyyy."

psych-musical-4.gif No song-and-dance numbers for Henry.

5g9da.gif Lassiter gets in on the fun -- "A trained observer misses nothing."

Maggie Lawson had some good moments in the musical, but this was so random and hilarious.

5g9s7.gif More dancing Gus. Yang did say she wanted a show.

"When you're making up a song."

"Do you think he could be ... mmmmm ... a Jamaican?"

"Inanity is sanity when dealing with remains."

Yang's helping.

5g9se.gif "There's no alternative. I'm just going to have to break it. Down."

psych-musical-12.gif "If it wasn't for my over-developed lats, I'd be in a sling right now."

psych-musical-13.gif Jazz hands!

psych-musical-14.gif "Gus, you are gonna rock it as Wall-E!"

psych-musical-15.gif "The only thing that's satisfying is that the smirk is off your face. Huh, never seen that before. You're a good-looking man when you're humble."

Look at the Chief, she's dancin' crazy!

"You see facts and contradict them."

psych-musical-18.gif "Oh, I try to tell people, but they stop listening once you're labeled."

z.gif "You don't even know you were followed here!"

psych-musical-19.gif That's gonna wreak havoc on the old vocal cords.

Mary Lightly! Nice to see you, buddy.

psych-musical-21.gif "But you'll try?" "Sure." Something tells us Yang is not getting her ticket punched for heaven.

"Londontown! Who wants some inspectin'?"

psych-musical-23.gif "We gonna party like it's 1888!"

psych-musical-24.gif "But I'll remain ... with my pain."

The end.

Except for the Psych-out: "Don't worry, all is well, you English jezebels, help is on the way."

psych-musical-26.gif "Ripper, leave them prostitutes alone!"

Photo/Video credit: USA