'Psych's' Dule Hill: Actor, tap dancer, endorsed by Aaron Sorkin

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Zap2it: You're back on Broadway in "After Midnight." What's that been like?

Dule Hill: After "Bring in Da Funk," I didn't want to do another musical unless it affected me in that same way, and "After Midnight" does that. I love dancing. I started out as a tap-dancer, and any opportunity that has to do with it is a blast.

Zap2it: Most people know you as an actor, not a tap-dancer. Was that your intention?

Dule Hill: When I left Norfolk (Va.) and went to L.A., everyone knew me as a tap-dancer, and I was trying to establish myself as an actor. Aaron Sorkin said, "If more dancers acted like Dule, we need to hire more dancers." It's like a full circle thing.

Zap2it: You had some pretty impressive dance mentors. Who in particular helped mold you?

Dule Hill: Gregory Hines was one of my major mentors. I pretty much modeled my career after Gregory and Harold Nicholas. I miss Gregory so much. I love him dearly. It is sad to me sometimes that he is not able to see the journey. I have known him since I was 10 years old.

Zap2it: Had you been dancing or singing much since "Psych"?

Dule Hill: I was always doing "Psych-Outs" [outtakes from the show] and had a chance to sing, not a lot of chance to dance. I did a tap episode. Out of 100-plus not done a lot on the show, [but] it covered more than I would have on most other shows without being on "Glee."
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