'Puppy Bowl IX' preview: The epic battle of cuteness returns for Super Bowl Sunday

Sure, the Super Bowl may be the biggest sports event in the country. But the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet is the cutest sports event in the country. It may even be the most adorable thing the world has ever seen.

Check out this preview (with videos!) of "Puppy Bowl IX" if you need more proof.

Airing at 3pm on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3 for those of us not obsessed with football), "Puppy Bowl" strives to offer a fluffy alternative to the clash of helmets watched by everyone else. Each year, a few dozen baby dogs take to the field -- 34 of them made the starting line-up for 2013. Each of the puppies comes from a rescue organization. And if these cuties don't make you think about dog adoption, nothing will.

There's also a kitten half-time show for all you cat people out there.

Are you still having trouble believing in the "awwww..." factor of "Puppy Bowl"? These videos, highlighting some of this year's star players, should help with that.

First up: Aurora






You can watch the full event on Animal Planet at 3pm (ET/PT) on Sunday, Feb. 3.

Photo/Video credit: Animal Planet