Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee: Big Ben renaming to 'Elizabeth Tower' proposed

queen-elizabeth-jubilee-4-getty.jpgAs Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 60th year on the British throne, there's a movement underway to recognize her service by renaming one of the world's great landmarks in her honor.

The Daily Mail is reporting that if more than 330 members of Parliament have their way, the famed Big Ben clock tower will be renamed "The Elizabeth Tower." The move is also supported by Prime Minister David Cameron and other senior British political figures.

Parliament member Tobias Ellwood, who first proposed the concept, tells the publication, "Commemorating an iconic landmark as famous as Parliament is indeed a truly exceptional tribute and I am grateful that the majority of MPs [members of Parliament] believe the Queen deserves such an outstanding accolade."

Cameron echoes the sentiment, saying, "It is great news that so many MPs from across the House are backing what would be a fitting tribute to the Queen. I hope it will now move ahead."

The country has spent much of the last few days celebrating the Queen and her tenure. Here are some photos of how they are honoring this accomplishment.



Photo/Video credit: Getty Images