Showtime would make a 'Queer As Folk' movie if there's 'a compelling reason'

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There has been a push to make a movie version of Showtime's "Queer As Folk," and Showtime president David Nevins tells reporters at the 2014 TV summer press tour that he could be interested in "if it's a great idea." 

"No one's ever pitched it to me, but if it's a great idea, a compelling reason to do it, it's always possible," he says during a group interview.

Nevins also is still interested in Russell T. Davis' "Cucumber," which Showtime was initially attached to in 2011. The show is currently being filmed for Channel 4 in the UK with a planned 2015 premiere date.

"He is doing a show right now which sounds really interesting to me, which has been advertised," Nevins says. "It's in the BBC as 'Queer As Folk' 20 years later."
Photo/Video credit: Showtime