Quentin Tarantino to get Legend award at Capri film fest

Vernetroy_matth_51809549_600 Quentin Tarantino will be given the highest honor -- the Capri Legend Award -- at the  Capri Hollywood International Film Festival, newly renamed the Honda International Film Festival, held on the legendary isle of Capri, off Italy's romantic Amalfi coast, in late December.

He will join Forest Whitaker, Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Hopper, Heather Graham, Malin Ackerman, Joseph Fiennes, Eli Roth, Terry Gilliam, Lawrence Bender, Bobby Moresco and director Sydney Lumet at the festival.

Do not point a camera at Quentin Tarantino!

Festival chairman, producer Mark Canton ("300," "Spiderwick Chronicles," "War of Gods," "Fame") says of Quentin, "His unconventional films have become part of the vernacular of pop culture and his presence is a great addition to Capri,   Hollywood."

Fest director Pascal Vicedomici adds, "With Maestro Tarantino joining our stellar lineup, Capri, Hollywood continues to distinguish itself as a major player in the international festival arena."

Tarantino is currently filming "Inglorious Bastards" in Germany with Brad Pitt, Eli Roth, Cesar-winner Melanie Laurent, Daniel Bruhl and Michael Fassbender. So far, all but Pitt are confirmed to attend the Capri festival.

Up until now, the film fest, now in its 13th year, was infamous for being the place where a sobered-up Lindsay Lohan fell off the wagon and was seen swigging from a bottle of bubbly while dancing last New Year's Eve.

"She didn't have wine with dinner," says an onlooker. "It was just one of those things where she was dancing with a fest rep's 13-year-old son and a bottle of champagne was passed around and everyone was taking swigs and you could see the look on her face when she realized OMG, what she'd just done."

Everyone who is anyone, including Lindsay, stays at the Tiberius Hotel and there are star-studded screenings, awards, followed by late dinners (we're talking midnight) every single night.

And every afternoon....