Quentin Tarantino's foot fetish documented by supposed pick-up Beejoli Shah

quentin-tarantino-beejoli-shah.jpgOnce upon a time there was a director who apparently picked up the wrong chick at some Hollywood party. The director was Quentin Tarantino and his pick up was one Beejoli Shah, apparently an aspiring screenwriter with a serious talent for self-promotion.

To put this in the most family-friendly terms possible, Shah claims in an e-mail now widely circulating the Internet, that Tarantino, umm, *multitasked* while sucking on her toes. This apparently was the climax of a story that began when Shah met the "Kill Bill" director at a party where he was hanging out with Jamie Foxx.

Shah writes that she was largely unimpressed with Tarantino but, recognizing the makings of a good story, agreed to make out and then go home with the guy where -- eventually -- things led to the whole *multitasking* incident. Luckily, she made sure to take a few photos in Tarantino's handy photo booth to corroborate her story.

shah-tarantino-pix.jpgNow that she's put herself out there we are, of course, curious about Shah. The Daily Mail claims to have gotten a hold of a copy of Shah's resume and that she is "23-year-old University of California Berkeley politics graduate working for a television production company in Santa Monica." She's apparently held an internship at big-time publicist house PMK/HBH and once appeared on "Wheel of Fortune."

Since the e-mail started circulating, the Daily Mail adds, Shah's social networking presence has been virtually erased.

Read the admittedly well-written e-mail then let us know what you think -- is Shah on the level or just a talented writer who, with a little tweaking, could totally pen an appropriately crass episode of "Californication"?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/YouTube