'Quick Draw' Season 2: See new key art and photos from Hulu's Western comedy

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quick-draw-season-2-hulu-cast.jpgHulu's original Western comedy series, "Quick Draw," is returning for a second season on August 7. The show follows the latest sheriff of Great Bend, Kansas: John Henry Hoyle, who has a good shot, a degree from Harvard and tries to bring the science of forensics to the Wild West.

Zap2it got a hold of the key art for the new season of the comedy, along with two first look photos from Season 2. Below, see the new art, watch a teaser clip, and tune in to Hulu on August 7 when the new season premieres.

quickdraw-season-2-key-art-hulu.jpg quick-draw-season-2-hulu-first-look-1.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Hulu