Rachel Bilson talks 'Hart of Dixie' love square on 'The Talk': Zoe 'is very lucky'


"Hart of Dixie's" protagonist Zoe Hart is one lucky lady, and her portrayer Rachel Bilson knows it.

"[Zoe] is very lucky to have very many attractive contenders," Bilson says on "The Talk" on Wednesday (Oct. 30). "She's busy. Plus, she's a doctor, so she's got lots going on."

Fans of The CW's southern drama have been calling Zoe's current romantic situation a "love square," as she has three romantic interests for Season 3. "There's one who's actually her boyfriend right now. The character's name is Joel played by Josh Cooke, who's a great actor and so much fun," Bilson says. "And then Wade is the shirtless wonder, and George Tucker the singing wonder. Scott [Porter] likes to sing."

Does Bilson think that three romantic interests is too much for one girl to handle? Not at all. "She's busy, but it's not a bad thing," Bilson says. "It keeps things interesting. Why not a square rather than a triangle? A girl can't complain."

Bilson also revealed an interesting fact on the CBS talk show. One Halloween as a child, she dressed up like Cleopatra, and incidentally, her costume on "Hart of Dixie's" Halloween episode this year was also Cleopatra.

"Hart of Dixie" airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW