Rachel Uchitel will pose naked for Playboy! Surprised?

rachel-uchitel-bikini.jpg Rachel Uchitel will bare it all -- well, almost all -- in Playboy.

We know that you are probably as shocked as we are at this latest development in Rachel's ongoing attempt to capitalize on her fame, courtesy having allegedly slept with a married sports star named Tiger Woods and a married actor named David Boreanaz.

According to TMZ, Rachel  has just signed a deal to get naked for Playboy magazine. Shocker!

Rachel hedged when TMZ initially asked about the Playboy offer but now they're reporting that the sly fox  has already struck a deal.

Their source says Rachel has the right to pull out any time before the shoot which is set for three weeks from now.

Oh, and here's some disappointing news for Rachel fans, of which there must be a few or Playboy would not have offered her the lucrative gig. Rachel won't show everything. Just the rear view. And the top. Hey, some things are sacred.