Rachel Zoe, mellowed by motherhood, finds time for Fashion Week

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rachel-zoe-fw-5.jpgIt's Rachel Zoe's world and we're just living in it. For those of you not aware that you were living in her world, Zoe is the stylist to the stars turned reality TV star turned designer who just launched her spring collection at New York Fashion Week.

As if a reality TV show, celebrity clientele, her own brand and a still-growing empire aren't enough, Zoe gave birth to her first child, baby boy Skyler, in March.

"Having my son now, it's actually given me clarity and making it easier,"  Zoe Project tells New York Magazine's The Cut. "My time is limited and so everything's more focused and I'm actually way more efficient. And I'm happy all the time."

We've compiled some photos of the on-the-go Zoe in New York.

With husband Rodger Berman at the Michael Kors 2012 show:

Items from Zoe's 2012 spring collection:

rachel-zoe-fw-6.jpgAt the Marchesa show:


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images