'Raising the Bar'

Tvpartyw621 Love it or loathe it, our legal system is the backbone of the United States. In fact, there's probably a class action lawsuit going on right now trying to make us all whole again after last season's lineup on The CW. And sometimes a legal drama comes along such as Raising the Bar, airing Mondays on TNT, that makes us wonder whether we should leave our current job planning parties and take the LSATs. So if you think you might like to take the bar instead of belly up to one, call your friends and neighbors; we're throwing a party! (Tell them you're serving habeas corpus and cheese.)


Setting the scene:

If you can overlook Jerry Kellerman's (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) totally inappropriate hairstyle -- which deserves a show of its own as far as we're concerned -- you'd realize any law series worth its salt is centered on a courtroom, so get yourself a gavel, a bench, a stenographer, a Bible and a bailiff, and try not to go all "Judge Judy" on us. (Remember, this is Judge Trudy's courtroom.) To complete the look, you'll need to grab a standing U.S. flag as well as a flag of your state, the scales of justice, two tables to sit before the bench replete with banker's lamps, a couple of open briefcases, a well-worn copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and an issue of the National Law Journal. During commercial breaks, have guests play games from the show's Web site such as Body of Evidence and Scales of Justice.



We hate to say it, but someone needs to come to this party with a mop of Kellerman hair or the entire party will fail miserably. Otherwise, you'll need a judge, a couple of bailiffs, a Nick Balco or two and, yes, a few convicts.


On the menu:

We're not sure how many capital cases the Raising the Bar folks handle, so there's no need for this to come packaged as a "last meal." Serve Reubens on rye with New York-style cheesecake for dessert.


On the hi-fi:

Hello Dad, I'm in Jail by Was (Not Was), One Million Lawyers by Tom Paxton, Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley, The Trial by Pink Floyd, I Stand Accused by Elvis Costello, Talk to My Lawyer by Chuck Brodsky, Lawyers in Love by Jackson Browne.


The showstopper:

We doubt you can finish a law degree from Harvard in time for the party, so how about you just shell out $1,849 for a life-sized sculpture of Lady Justice? It'll show your dedication to justice and be a great place to keep the Kellerman wig post-party.