Ralph Macchio and daughter Julia hit 'Girl Most Likely' red carpet

ralph-macchio-daughter-julia-girl-most-likely.jpgGood looks apparently run in the Macchio family.

Monday night (July 15), former teen heartthrob Ralph Macchio stepped out with his daughter Julia, 21, for a New York screening of "Girl Most Likely," the upcoming Kristen Wiig-Matt Dillon comedy. Julia has a small part in the film as a New Jersey club-goer.

"She has a little part in the movie she got all by herself -- not through me," Macchio tells People, obvious proud of his eldest child. Macchio also has a son, Daniel, with wife Phyllis.

"I didn't want any help from him," adds Julia. "It was so much fun and a great first experience. Kristen [Wiig] is so nice, and everyone was so nice. I had one scene, but it was a great experience."

Julia hopes to keep acting, but says she's not into carrying on her dad's legacy of "The Karate Kid" -- "Hopefully other things, though. But not karate."

"It's been done," adds dad.

"Girl Most Likely" opens nationwide Friday, July 19.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images