'Ravenswood' casting: Victoria Justice, Christina Robinson and more dream casting choices

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ravenswood-abc-family-3.jpgABC Family made a huge announcement Tuesday (March 27) -- its uber-popular "Pretty Little Liars" drama will be getting a spin-off come October, titled "Ravenswood." So, let the speculation begin.

: We know one cast member -- "PLL's" Tyler Blackburn.

What we know so far is that Ravenswood is a town not far from the "Liars" setting of Rosewood, PA. It is the home of a deadly curse, which is about to rear its ugly head again, when five strangers find themselves entangled in said curse.

We also know the spin-off will officially be introduced during the PLL Halloween special, but that there will be some teases dropped during the summer season, an ABC Family rep tells Zap2it.

This being ABC Family, we would wager the five strangers will be teenagers, or in their early 20s, maybe. So here is some wish-list casting we'd like to see.

christina-robinson-ravenswood.jpg Christina Robinson

A staple in the early seasons of "Dexter," Robinson has been popping up as Astor on the Showtime drama sporadically since the death of her on-screen mother Rita. But it's been fun to watch Astor come into her own as a teenager, so we think she could make it work on "Ravenswood," especially if her character is a little darker (like how Astor has gotten on "Dexter"). Robinson will be turning 16 later this year, so that would actually make her the perfect age. Imagine that, a teenager actually being played by a teenager.

gabriel-basso-ravenswood.jpg Gabriel Basso

"The Big C" is coming to an end this spring with "Hereafter," a shortened fourth season that (we assume) will see Cathy head off to the big marathon in the sky. Basso has played her son Adam for the run of the show and we've always enjoyed him -- he was also a delight in J.J. Abrams' movie "Super 8." We could definitely see him waging war against the supernatural in Ravenswood.

victoria-justice-ravenswood.jpg Victoria Justice

"Victorious" is ending its run on Nickelodeon and we think it's time star Justice got more grown-up material to play with. Not only is she incredibly nice in real life, but she's a straight-up fox, which makes her perfect to slip into the leading lady role on an ABC Family drama. The new Aria, anyone?

jake-lacy-ravenswood.jpg Jake Lacy

This quintessential boy-next-door would make a great addition to "Ravenswood." He's been utterly charming as new customer service rep Pete on the last season of "The Office," winning Erin's heart (and ours) with his nice eyes and toothy grin. He's a shade older than the rest of our choices, but that could add to the drama and romance. Do you think he could be the newest ABC Family heartthrob?

miranda-cosgrove-ravenswood.jpg Miranda Cosgrove

We love the idea of a trio of raven-haired beauties taking on this curse, so in addition to Robinson and Justice, we'd like to offer up "iCarly" star Cosgrove. She's smiley and quirky enough to be the off-beat, funny one of the group, to counterbalance Robinson's darkness and Justice's wholesome good looks.

What do you think, "Liars" fans? How'd we do? Leave your dream casting choices in the comments!
Photo/Video credit: ABC Family, Getty Images