'Reading Rainbow' Kickstarter makes $6.4 million, thanks to Seth MacFarlane

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reading-rainbow-kickstarter-successful-end.jpgLeVar Burton's Kickstarter to bring an online version of long-running children's show "Reading Rainbow" to kids and classrooms across America ended on July 2, raising more than $5.4 million thanks to 105,857 backers -- plus an extra $1 million pledge from Seth MacFarlane.

The "Family Guy" creator said that if the Kickstarter made $1 million or more in its final week, he would kick in an extra $1 million -- and the Internet succeeded, giving the fundraising drive more than $6 million in total contributions from 105,857 Kickstarter backers plus MacFarlane.

The project made its $1 million goal in one day, and will bring "Reading Rainbow" to homes and classrooms via a web-enabled version of the educational program. Kickstarter incentives included T-shirts, autographed copies of Burton's book and more.
Photo/Video credit: Reading Raibow/Kickstarter