'Real Housewives' Jill Zarin's Amazon-gate: Simon van Kempen weighs in

real-housewives-amazon-simon-van-kempen-getty-275.jpgEarlier this year, we reported on a scandal that was wreaking havoc on Jill Zarin's credibility.

Amazon.com members were in an uproar when Alana Chandler, the site's No. 1 ranked reviewer, was harassed and threatened by "Susan Saunders" on the book site and allegedly via email after negatively reviewing Jill Zarin's book, " Secrets of a Jewish Mother."

We soon came to find out that "Susan Saunders" was an alias for Jill Shapiro otherwise known as " The Real Housewives of New York City's" Jill Zarin's married name before marrying Bobby.

We caught up with Simon van Kempen, AKA Mr. Alex McCord, in between appearances for their parenting memoir, " Little Kids, Big City," and we asked him to weigh in.

"It's almost proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it was done on Jill's account," Simon tells Zap2it. "Now, whether it was done by Jill with her knowledge or one of her assistants, who knows? But whoever did it was pretty bloody stupid quite frankly."