'Real Housewives' Bankruptcy: Auction house charging $300 admission

auction.jpgAt least " Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice's estate is having a high-end bankruptcy auction. It even costs $300 to go to it. That's gotta be something to be proud of.

A.J. Willner Auctions is handling the Aug. 22 sale of the Giudice's fancy furnishings and expensive personal property. Most of it is familiar to fans of  " Real Housewives."

But the auction house, which also conducted the 2007 sale of assets from Whitney Houston's tour,  has devised a way to weed out curious fans who just want to gawk, not buy.

"In order to come onto the property, you'll have to register," auction house manager Harry Byrnes explains to NorthJersey.com. "Registration requires a name, address and phone number, plus a $300 deposit towards purchases. That gets you into the venue. If you don't buy anything, obviously you get your $300 back."