'Real Housewives NJ': Caroline Manzo fights to have leaked video taken down

In the latest turn in the Kevin Maher defamation suit against ex-wife, Danielle Staub, video of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey's" Caroline Manzo's deposition leaked to the media and the reality star isn't happy.

Sources close to the housewife tell Zap2it that the star was not pleased the video was leaked to TMZ. While she's working with Bravo to try and get the video pulled, she's unsure TMZ will cooperate.

In the video, Manzo's testimony in Maher's $5-million lawsuit confirms his claims that Staub had accused him of raping her, killing his dog and playing Russian Roulette by placing a gun inside Staub's vagina. All of which, Maher vehemently denies and forms the basis of his defamation lawsuit. 

Later,   more video was released from Manzo's deposition in which the housewife admits to giving Bravo the ultimatum that she wouldn't be returning to the show for Season 3 if Staub remains a cast member.