'Real Housewives NJ': Danielle Staub's ex-boyfriend's testimony confirms spotty past

The details of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey's"  Danielle Staub's alleged dirty deeds are coming out in court as ex-husband Kevin Maher's attorneys depose those from the reality star's present and past for his defamation case against her.

"She's a snitchin' coke whore," Staub's ex-boyfriend, Daniel Aguilar, told RadarOnline.com, who admitted that after she cooperated with prosecutors he wanted her dead. 

In Aguilar's deposition for Maher's case, he has confirmed many of the details we've learned on Staub's life in the 1980s from Maher and his book, "Cop Without a Badge," when she was known as Beverly Merrill and Angela Minelli. Aguilar took part in her crimes of drug dealing and extortion. After she made a plea deal and testified for the prosecution, Aguilar spent time in jail.