'Real Housewives NJ': Danielle Staub's ex responds to her 'B.S. motion'

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey's" Danielle Staub's legal team spent close to 10 hours on Friday, August 27 with her ex-husband Kevin Maher's attorney to try and settle his $5-million defamation case against the housewife with no results.

Monday (August 30), TMZ reported that her team filed a motion to dismiss the case claiming Maher had no witnesses to prove she made slanderous statements, that he is a sexual deviant, and saying that his reputation while working as a police informant and during their brief marriage as revealed in the book he co-authored, "Cop Without A Badge," makes him an unreliable person.

"It's just a B.S. motion," Maher tells Zap2it exclusively. "It's not going to work. It's just another way for her to get headlines. Some of the things I wrote about myself, I wasn't proud of, but most of them I was. I was honest. I put it out there. These are things that took place 25 years ago." 

He continues, "What I'm suing Danielle Staub for ... it's not about something that happened 25 years ago. It's about something that happened in June of last year."