'Real Housewives NJ': Danielle Staub's childhood tales don't add up, says report

real-housewives-new-jersey-danielle-staub-book-the-naked-truth.jpg" The Real Housewives of New Jersey's" Danielle Staub has penned an autobiography called "The Naked Truth," due out on May 25. But her ex-husband, Kevin Maher, and a recent report cast doubts on just how much truth the book will actually hold.

First, Zap2it reported that Maher, who filed a $5 million defamation lawsuit against Staub, passed a polygraph test addressing claims she made that he "brutalized and terrorized" her during their brief 1989 marriage and challenged her to do the same.

Then we brought you Maher's interview and court documents showing Staub's active and violent participation in her 1986 crimes, in which she says she was only charged as an accessory.

We also shared court documentation that she was a paid escort and proof that she had a severe drug addiction, which Maher says was an addiction to cocaine- all of which she has denied publicly.

Now, Maher and a new report by the DBKP blog say that her multiple versions of her childhood, including her birth parents and even her Italian lineage just don't pan out.