'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' preview: Diamonds aren't always a girl's best friend

They're not holding oranges or apples or any other fruit that has become the symbol of the other "Real Housewives" series. In  "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" premiering Thursday, Oct. 14 on Bravo, the new ladies are holding diamonds, people!

But let's not get bedazzled by the shiny things in their hands. While these women definitely make some of the other franchises look positively middle class, money don't make you a successful reality star. 

So, after viewing the premiere episode, we've factored in the women's apparent monetary worth with our first impressions of their personality, then ranked them according to our soon-to-be-patented and totally subjective diamond points system.

Here's how they rank:

6 Diamonds
Adrienne Maloof is one tough sister. In the premiere, you'll see her stand up to her husband, show off her fighting skills and help run a family empire that includes the Palms Casino in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings. She also charters a private jet for all the women in an effortless show of her monetary muscle. Adrienne is the real deal.

5 Diamonds
Lisa Vanderpump is a fun Brit who has a deep talent for funny one-liners. At one point, she talks about owning several restaurants, clubs and other odd businesses through out London with her husband. All her kids have up and left her, so she fills the empty nest with her tiny dog and her gay houseboy. There's something so effortless about her, which makes us believe she's financially covered. We can sense she'll be the source of a lot of humor in this season.

4 Diamonds
Kyle Richards, one of Paris Hilton's aunts, has a very confident air about her. She's married to a handsome high-end realtor, which affords her the ability to alternately work as an actress and have children. She's fun and social, which is more than we can say for her sister, Kim. Plus, she has the most adorable baby daughter.

3 Diamonds
Taylor Armstrong doesn't come off as the most confident person. She seems to have a very unhealthy view of aging, which shows (or doesn't show...) on her face. While she runs some kind of consulting firm currently, her money seems to come mostly from her husband. How sad is it to admit that your marriage is 80% business and 20% romance? We're not sure how long we can listen to her worries that her well-to-do, though not particularly handsome, husband will leave her for a younger model.

2 Diamonds
Kim Richards worries us. She seems to have been financially decimated by a divorce and she has centered her entire life around her children. Unlike her sister, Kyle, she's awkward and antisocial. Plus, there's a touch of "special" in there, especially when she talks about her former career as a child actress and "The Disney Girl." In one scene, she describes being recognized by paparazzi while with her niece, Paris, and she gets a little too excited in the process of telling the story. Again, she's special.

1 diamond
Camille Grammer may have just as much money as the housewives in the four to six diamond range, but she's the least self-empowered (and at this point, the least likable) woman of the bunch. As "Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer's (soon to be ex) wife, she has the house, four nannies, and courtside tickets to Lakers games. Yet, she has very little to talk about outside of her famous husband. Not only that, but she finds the need to emphasize her wealth often, which screams of insecurity. We respect that she considers herself a lifelong dancer, though her biggest claim to fame is dancing on Club MTV. And when she tells us that she and Kelsey have started flying commercial more (as opposed to using a private jet like Adrienne), because they're trying to be green? She must not hear herself.

Watch a couple sneak peeks as the entire cast meets for the first time below:

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Photo credit: Bravo