Reba McEntire 'would love' to join 'Downton Abbey' as Shirley MacLaine's other daughter

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reba-mcentire-shirley-maclaine-getty.jpg "Downton Abbey" has taken the U.S. airwaves by storm -- and not just with regular TV viewers at home. Famous actors, actresses and singers are smitten with the Brit period drama as well and now we can add Reba McEntire to the ever-growing list of famous fans.

When asked at the Television Critics Association press tour what other show she would love to be on, Reba tells Zap2it, "'Downton Abbey!' Was I too quick on that answer? I've already got it in my mind, I've already got it written it out. I would love to play Lady Mary's cousin. Shirley MacLaine's going to be the mother, and I could play her other daughter who lives in America."

"I love that show and I can't wait for the third season," Reba continues. "I'm a huge fan of Shirley MacLaine too. All the characters, the cinematography. Everything is beautiful on that show. Just a great story. I love it."

Actually, now that we see McEntire and MacLaine side by side, we could totally see it. "Downton Abbey" returns Jan. 6, 2013 to U.S. TV screens.

Additional reporting by Drusilla Moorhouse.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images