Reese's Ex Pieces: Ryan Phillippe, Jake Gyllenhaal break their silence

ryan-phillipe-mens-health.jpgNearly two years after his divorce from Reese Witherspoon was finalized, Ryan Phillippe is still dealing with it.

"I still have sadness and complicated feelings about my divorce," he tells Men's Health. "But how beneficial is it to keep hanging onto those feelings? My aim is always to progress --- to make better decisions and be a better father, a better boyfriend, a better husband if it happens again."

Phillippe can be seen in this month's "MacGruber," the "SNL" skit-turned-movie with Kristen Wiig and Will Forte. And will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" on April 17.

"I tend to internalize and analyze, but with them, there's none of that. There was no edit, no judgment. I was just a really free atmosphere," Phillippe says of the on-set energy.

Of course, he shows off his washboard abs inside the magazine. "I like feeling strong," he says. "I want to throw my kids up in the air and wrestle them. Working out has become about functionality."