Reggie Bush and Lilit Agavyan expecting their first child

reggie-bush-girlfriend-pregnant-gi.jpgCongratulations are in order for Reggie Bush and his girlfriend Lilit Avagyan, because the couple is expecting their first child together. The Miami Dolphins football pro confirmed the news on a Florida radio station.

"I have a little one on the way," Bush tells the radio hosts when they ask if congratulations are in order. "We're pretty excited. We haven't found out if it's a boy or a girl yet."

Bush, who dated Kim Kardashian for three years before splitting in 2010, says he's hoping for a boy because he'll head "straight to the gun shop to buy some guns" if he ends up having a girl.

"We can't wait," Bush says of the happy news. "It's the opportunity to bring in a new life and raise a child. I think that's the most special gift to a man and to a woman. So, I look forward to it and to building a family."

But a baby isn't the only soon-to-be new addition to the Bush-Avagyan household. "On top of that, we went and got two puppies yesterday," he said, laughing. "We're packing the house already."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images