Regis Philbin debuts 'Rachael Ray Show' gig - what did you think?

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regis-philbin-rachael-ray.jpg Regis Philbin joined Rachael Ray in her new studio Monday (Sept. 24) when he kicked off his new regular daytime gig on "The Rachael Ray Show" -- to a huge standing ovation from the studio audience.

Regis cracks, "I do enjoy coming here and being with you, and I guess once a month I'm going to stop by, like Santa Claus."

"It's like we get a holiday, Regis-mas, every month," adds Rachael.

On the show, the two of them showed off using a mini muffin tin to make spinach artichoke bites (mmm) and "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe came by to play bartender and make cosmopolitans for Regis and Rachael (pictured below).

Regis also revealed what the latest piece of music he put on his iPod is -- Perry Como. Of course it is, Reege.

What did you think of Regis on "Rachael Ray"?

Photo/Video credit: Rachael Ray