Regis Philbin says he was forced out of 'Live'

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regis-philbin-oct-2010-gi.jpgFinally, the truth comes out. 

We knew it would be the end of an era when Regis Philbin leaves his long-running daytime talk show, "Live with Regis and Kelly," in November. But now Philbin is telling the full story -- the move wasn't his decision.

In an interview with a Detroit radio station, Philbin admits that he was forced out due to contractual issues, not because he wanted to retire. He tells the "Mojo in the Morning" show, "I'm not calling it quits, you understand. I'm moving on. I'm not retiring. I'm not quitting. I'm moving on."

The hosts then say ABC is making a mistake by letting him walk, and Philbin agrees. "Of course it's a big mistake, but Regis is moving on," he says.

The 80-year-old  announced in January that he'd be leaving the show he's co-hosted for 28 years, most famously alongside Kathie Lee Gifford in 1988 and continuing with Kelly Ripa in 2000. In September, at the beginning of Reege and Kelly's tenth year working together, Philbin revealed that his last day on the show will be Nov. 18.

Philbin hasn't announced his post-"Live" plans, but he assured viewers in September that he won't leave the spotlight permanently. "Don't worry. The show goes on," he says.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images