Relive 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 1's juiciest moments

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As the saying goes, always make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.  Season 1 of  "Orange Is The New Black" did just that. Since June 6 can't come soon enough, check out some of our favorite moments from the spectacular first season.

1. Chapman Gets Starved Out

Piper certainly made a great first impression when she entered Litchfield. Almost instantly Chapman had an unfortunate disagreement with Red so the chef withheld all food from her. Can't think of much worse things than being in prison, let alone being in prison without food. It was so much fun to see how long Piper would hold out and how she would plot her revenge. 


2. Alex Gets Stuck In The Dryer

Alex getting stuck in the dryer was hilarious enough, but the icing on the cake was watching Piper try to pry her ex-lover out, while the two argued over whether or not they could be friends.

alex-vause-dryer-oitnb.gif 3. Crazy Eyes Is Crushed By Her Dandelion

Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren was smitten by Chapman from the start and quickly gave her the nickname "Dandelion." She even wrote a love poem about her prison wife. "Crazy Eyes" would do anything to protect her precious love and threatens any inmate's life that bothers Piper. Unfortunately Piper had to cut the cord and break Suzanne's heart. 

ce.gif 4. Lesbian Request Denied

When Sgt. Healy mistakenly thinks Piper is requesting to room with her lover Suzanne, he quickly denies the request.  When Piper confesses to him they aren't indeed a couple and she would like nothing more than to not room with her prison wife, Healy tells Chapman to let her non-girlfriend down easy.

5. The Larry Flashbacks

Litchfield is whole lot different from Piper's posh life with Larry in domestic bliss. In flashbacks, we see the comfort Piper finds in her relationship with Larry, where their days are filled with juice cleanses and making homemade soaps.  

6. Watching Daya and Bennett Fall In Love

Is there anything more captivating than lovers doomed from the start? Watching prisoner Daya and guard Bennett fall in love produced so many swoon worthy moments in Season 1. Love is letting someone pick the food out of your teeth.

7. Taystee's Going Away Party

By far one of the most joyful moments of Season 1, was when Taystee got her release and the ladies of Litchfield threw a little going away get together in her honor, dance party and all.

8. Angel Pennsatucky

No one was more proud of her role in the Christmas presentation than Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett. Her angel was the holiest it gets for a jailbird. 

pennsatucky-angel-oitnb.gif 9. Everything Piper And Alex
From the second we met the character of Alex Vause it was clear she had a strong hold on Piper Chapman. Each scene with the two of them sent us through a rollercoaster of emotions and we loved every minute of it! 

10. Lorna Morello

Whether it's talking about her upcoming nuptials or giving prison beauty advice, we just can't enough of Lorna Morella. She beings an unexpected sweetness and sophistication to Litchfield that we welcome with open arms. 


"Orange Is The New Black" Season 2 hits Netflix June 6. 

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