Retta gets fat joke-tweeting, chatty seat-filler kicked out of the Emmys

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retta-twitter-emmys-seat-filler-fat-jokes.jpgRetta live-tweeted the 2014 Emmys from inside the Nokia Theatre, including an encounter with a rude man who found himself mistakenly sitting next to the star -- and chatted her up for career advice during the show.

She got the man, who claimed he was supposed to be there -- although why a "producer" no one's ever heard of would've been sitting in the front rows with the talent remains to be seen -- kicked out of his seat, and he then went on a tear of un-funny, inappropriate fat jokes about the star.

But this is why you don't mess with the "Parks and Recreation" star -- first of all, she's smarter than you, and second of all, she's classier, too. The dude has since deleted his twitter account, but his gross tweets -- and Retta's hilarious ones -- are captured in this Jezebel post.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images