Reusable toilet paper -- ewww -- on TLC's 'Extreme Cheapskates'

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extreme-cheapskates-tlc.jpgWe're now acquainted to the coupon-clipping, bulk-buying ways of the families profiled on TLC's "Extreme Couponing," but get ready to learn about a much more disturbing kind of penny pincher.

On the network's newest reality special, "Extreme Cheapskates," the most frugal folks in America share their secrets to saving money. Let's just say it's not for everyone.

Angela, a middle-class mom, has come up with a unique way to save $240 a year -- by using washable cloth squares instead of disposable toilet paper. Watch the video and find out how, exactly, she and her family have managed to keep up their cloth-as-toilet-paper thing for five years now.

Yes, it's kind of gross. But still fascinating. TLC, you get us every time!

"Extreme Cheapskates" premieres Wednesday, Dec. 28 at 9 p.m.

Photo/Video credit: TLC