'Revenge' photos: Two weddings, a party and somebody's funeral

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revenge-union-4-amanda-jack-david-sammy-abc.jpgNo matter how much anything seems to be working out for the characters on "Revenge," just remember that the entirety of season 2 thus far has been working toward death. At least one character will die when Jack's boat, the Amanda, sinks to the bottom of the sea.

That death is coming soon.

You might not believe that from the photos ABC has released for the next two episodes, "Union" and "Sacrifice."

revenge-union-6-jack-amanda-wedding-abc.jpgThe big event in "Union" is, of course, the wedding of Jack ( Nick Weschler) and Amanda ( Margarita Levieva). It's a small affair -- just close friends and family (and Nolan) on the beach. It looks lovely.

revenge-union-5-jack-amanda-wedding-abc.jpg revenge-union-7-jack-amanda-wedding-abc.jpgStrangely enough, this wedding seems to echo another wedding, long ago. It's hard to know if this is a memory or only a dream. But little Jack and little Amanda (and Sammy!!!) are awfully cute.

revenge-union-1-david-jack-sammy-abc.jpg revenge-union-2-amanda-abc.jpg revenge-union-3-amanda-jackabc.jpgBack at the actual wedding of Jack and Amanda, Emily ( Emily VanCamp) mostly manages to keep a smile on her face.


revenge-union-9-jack-amanda-wedding-abc.jpgIs there any foreshadowing of doom at this bright and happy wedding? It doesn't seem that way on the surface, but death is indeed coming. With that in mind, Jack and Amanda look a little lost as they skip through the waves.

revenge-union-10-jack-amanda-wedding-abc.jpg revenge-union-11-jack-amanda-wedding-abc.jpgDeath finally arrives in the next episode, "Sacrifice." The photos don't give anything away though. Jack and Amanda may be sailing off on their honeymoon (and to potential doom), but the Graysons are celebrating too. It's time once again for their annual Labor Day party.

revenge-union-1-conrad-victoria-madeleine-stowe-henry-czerny-abc.jpg revenge-union-2-charlotte-daniel-abc.jpgConsidering the death and destruction that seem to accompany these parties, you'd think that Conrad ( Henry Czerny) and Victoria ( Madeleine Stowe) would give them up. They especially should have avoided the party when you consider that the Initiative has sent a representative -- a man named Trask (guest star Burn Gorman of "Torchwood").

revenge-union-4-conrad-victoria-trask-burn-gorman-abc.jpg revenge-union-5-trask-burn-gorman-abc.jpgThey might have done so, were it not for Conrad's budding political career. Will that career survive the death to come?

revenge-union-7-conrad-politics-abc.jpgWe will find out when these episodes air -- "Union" on Sunday, Feb. 10 and "Sacrifice" on Sunday, Feb 17.

Photo/Video credit: ABC