'Revenge' reveals a mother of a twist in post-Olympics return, 'Payback'

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revenge-jack-mother-grayson.jpg"Revenge" isn't even pretending to be anything other than a daytime soap with a better time slot -- the show is straight-up sudsy goodness, as demonstrated in Sunday's (March 9) episode of the ABC drama, "Payback."

From Emily's blackouts -- retold later via fuzzy-focused shots a la a true crime show recreation -- to the murder, "Payback" was pretty action-packed. And that's not even counting the epic twist at the end of the episode: That Stevie Grayson, Conrad's first wife, is Jack's mother?!

Seriously: Murder, blackouts, kidnapping rescue, blackmail, possible psychotic breaks and secret children -- all in one 42-minute episode of television. You love us, ABC, you really love us.

After a middling Season 2, "Revenge" seems to be going for as many soapy twists as possible in Season 3. It was a great episode after the long Olympics hiatus, too -- what did you think?
Photo/Video credit: ABC