'Revenge' Season 2 adds Barry Sloane in mysterious role

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barry-sloane.jpgAs if Emily Thorne didn't have enough men stirring up drama in her life! When Season 2 of "Revenge" begins on ABC this fall, she'll be introduced -- or reintroduced, as the case may be -- to Ethan, a mysterious British face from her past.

TVLine reports that Ethan will be played by Barry Sloane, a British actor making his debut in U.S. television, and will recur early in the season.

There's no word yet on who will be cast to play Emily's mother, who Emily has long believed to be dead. We do know that all of the Season 1 cast regulars (including Madeleine Stowe) will be back, as will Margarita Leveiva and her baby bump.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images