'Revenge,' 'Suburgatory,' 'Happy Endings' episode orders extended by ABC

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revenge-vancamp-large.jpgWe're so glad we can stop plotting our methodical takedown of ABC now. We were running out of photos of ABC pres Paul Lee to circle with our red sharpies.

According to Deadline, the network has officially picked up its two Wednesday gems " Revenge" and " Suburgatory" for full first seasons. With "Revenge's" climbing ratings and "Suburgatory's" critical acclaim, it's no surprise that both shows' orders have been extended to 22 episodes.

Additionally, the writers behind our favorite comedy "Happy Endings" are set to deliver six additional scripts. While there's no guarantee that those scripts will materialize into actual episodes, it's certainly a good sign and a show of confidence from the big-wigs.
Photo/Video credit: ABC