'Revolution' Season 2 adds 'Gossip Girl' alum Patrick Heusinger

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patrick-heusinger-revolution-gossip-girl-gi.jpg "Revolution" is getting royal... well, a cast member with a royal background, to be exact.

The NBC drama just cast "Gossip Girl" alum Patrick Heusinger -- who played Season 2's Lord Marcus Beaton -- for a recurring role in the upcoming Season 2.  He joins fellow newcomer Jessica Collins in the cast.

Heusinger joins "Revolution" as Adam, a handsome, cool, roguish man in his 30s with a good sense of humor and who lives life to the fullest.

No word yet on which side Heusinger's character will fight for ... or whether or not he'll be grateful the lights turned back on.

"Revolution" returns to NBC on a new night, Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 8 p.m. ET.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images