'Revolution' tries to keep the lights on with webisodes

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billy-burke-revolution-fall-finale-2012-nbc.jpgThe return of "Revolution" to television is still a couple months away, but NBC is hoping to keep fans of the show engaged with a series of webisodes.

The six-part, animated series of web-only stories launches Monday (Jan. 21), with new installments debuting once a week, EW reports. They'll run on NBC.com, Hulu, YouTube and on demand.

They're told from the perspective of Sgt. Wheatley, the character played by Reed Diamond in the episode "Kashmir." They're a series of letters detailing his work within the Monroe Militia. In the first one, which you can watch below, Wheatley details the death of some of his fellow militiamen and his infiltration of a rebel camp.

"Revolution" returns to NBC on March 25. Take a look at the first webisode:

Photo/Video credit: NBC