Richard Dreyfuss calls Oliver Stone 'fascist,' criticizes 'W.'

Complimented on his "W." tour de force as VP Dick Cheney on "The View" this week, Richard Dreyfuss bragged, "You should see my Hitler."

Asked what gave him the courage to say yes to this daunting role, he replied, "Money. He also called his director, Oliver Stone, "a fascist."

As for his opinion of the film, he calls it "6/8ths of a great film."

"The acting is terrific and I think a lot of the writing is good, but I don't really know why Oliver didn't come to a conclusion with it," Dreyfuss said. "... I think there's a character missing from the film. ... I think it's a very good and shockingly empathetic picture of Bush ... but it leaves out us, because we were all terrified of our own president and that terror is our reality. And that character is not in the film, so ... I question whether the film will have any historic legs."

Could "W." still affect next week's presidential election?

"I don't think it ever had a chance of affecting the election because Americans have a habit of making up their minds too soon," he replied.

Gosh, Richard. Tell us how you really feel.

Do you agree with Dreyfuss about Stone and the movie?