'Rick and Morty': Watch Christmas episode 'Anatomy Park' online

"Rick and Morty," Adult Swim's quirky new addition to its cartoon lineup, is delivering Christmas a little bit early. The network has posted its Christmas episode, "Anatomy Park," online for viewing.

The episode, which aired on Adult Swim Monday (Dec. 16), is part Disneyland, part "Jurassic Park." Rick sends Morty into the body of an old homeless man to save his life -- and his work on the theme park "Anatomy Park" that he's been building inside the human man. 

It's weird and sometimes gross and always funny as Morty has to show his bravery to fight off gonorrhea and hepatitis A. If you ever wanted to see a show where hepatitis C is a hero, this is the one.

"Anatomy Park" features the voice talents of guest actors Dana Carvey and John Oliver. For the record, this is also Sarah Chalke's favorite of the first season's episodes. Let us know what you think of "Anatomy Park" and of "Rick and Morty" thus far.

Photo/Video credit: Adult Swim