Rick Pitino scared by confetti explosion, but will make good on tattoo promise

rick-pitino-cutting-down-nets-ncaa-national-championship.jpg Rick Pitino has had a pretty big last couple of days. He was inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame and he led the Louisville Cardinals to their third NCAA men's basketball national title.

He also, apparently, was unprepared for the "One Shining Moment" confetti explosion after his team won the big game (see below).

Hee. As Ross WB tweets, "Rick Pitino is only ducking because he's afraid North Korea has launched an attack inside the Georgia Dome."

But anyway. In celebration of his team's victory, Pitino says he's going to make good on his promise to get a tattoo, which he made to his team midway through the 2012-13 season.

"I said it ... not believing this was going to be a reality but I am going to get it," Pitino tells "CBS This Morning." "I'm a man of my word. I'm going to get it on my left shoulder. It will be a cardinal and it will say 2013 champions."

Where do you think it will be? Upper arm? Shoulder blade? Left butt cheek?

Pitino has now become the only D-I coach to win a national basketball title at two different schools, as he also won a title with the University of Kentucky in 1996.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images