Ricki Lake: No wedding dress until 'Dancing With the Stars' is over

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ricki-lake-dancing-with-the-stars.jpg Ricki Lake knows the transformation that can take place to a celebrity's body while he or she is on "Dancing With the Stars," so she's putting off buying her wedding dress until her hopefully slimmer shape emerges.

"I'm going to wait until I can go as far as I can go in this competition [to get my body in the best shape], then start trying on dresses," the actress tells People.

"When I lost weight a couple years ago, I weighed less than I do now, probably 10 pounds. But there is a difference. I didn't work out with that - it was a crash diet. Now muscles I didn't know I had are defined. It's dramatic. Everyone is seeing it, and they are telling me, but I see it and I'm a tough critic,"  says Lake.

She became engaged to fiance Christian Evans back on Aug. 11. No date for the wedding has been revealed yet, but they have booked a location, photographer and florist.

Best of luck to you, Ricki!
Photo/Video credit: ABC